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details about what investigators found inside this home, that they say looked li five bodies and there could be more. disturbing new details about what investigators found inside this home that they say looked like a scene from a horror movie. that ain't right. >> getting around the east bay could get tougher if you take the bus. the drastic cuts that could be right around the corner. we know that she shipped jobs overseas. >> the first debate in a hotly contested senate race but was it a game changer for voters? and the state says it could
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save millions. but some parents say not to fast. good evening. >> dead bodies and a dizzying number of clues keep turning up in a bay area murder mystery. the latest piece of evidence a cadillac escalade brought investigationers to a business park in hercules. authorities spent hours searching the area for evidence that might lead them to a missing man. he is the son of one of five people killed in this bizarre chain of events. the victims are all loosely connected. tonight the husband of one of the victims is under arrest but not for any of those killings. police found explosives when they went to his house. and tonight we're learning more about what else was inside that home. uncovered the prompted them to call in a crew named the hurt locker team. >> reporter: as you just laid
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out, with each night this story takes bizarre twists and turns. tonight is no exception. cbs 5 is learning that vallejo police are having to figure out if he is their murder suspect or if the suspect is the husband of one of the missing women. and get this: there is much more. investigators sources are tells us that along with the two bodies found in the home, investigators also found radio active uranium. only cbs 5 cameras caught the bomb extraction team that police brought in from travis air force base. we know they're in connection with charles ritenhouse's job. >> investigators sources tell
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cbs 5 crews thought they were only removing highly explosive c4 from the storage unit. but now sources tell cbs 5 something much more sinister was found with the c4. uranium. that's the radioactive chemical used in armor piercing ammunition or bombs. >> what his motive was to have that material, we don't know. >> reporter: they're also at a loss as to why rittenhouse stayed in a house with a body decayed in there and in the back yard. initially made them appear to be chopped up. investigators called it a scene from silence of the lambs and are operating under the assumption it's the remains of administrate and allen. that's when valdemoro. that's his corvette in the
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garage. >> she was screaming outside that door. she would scream and the husband would say go inside, shut up. and he'd look at me saying don't mind her. >> reporter: now police don't know if rittenhouse is the killer or valdemoro. the corvette showed up today abandoned. weeks away from the house where police say valdemoro bludgeoned to death. >> we're not sure highway dispute was about on that sunday but it was somewhat related to the housing situation or the romantic situation. >> reporter: valdemoro was dating cindy tran. he kidnapped her tuesday night
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leading police on a chase. investigative sources say all the while, tran was taking calls from a coworker crying he's going to kill me. he's gone off the deep end. the coworker could hear sirens in the background and then silence. tran was strangled with a belt ten minutes before he crashed into the pacific east mall. and seconds later, valdemoro was shot and killed inside that mall. he thrust a meat cleaver at two officers. autopsies are underway for both. as for rittenhouse, we're told he's a chemical engineer. but investigators have no idea how he came to possess such large amounts of c4 and uranium. we have confirmed that both the california department of justice and the atf are now involved in this investigation. >> so be bizarre factors. but now with this uranium find,
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will the feds be called in >> reporter: you would think they would. facts and details are changing with each day so perhaps we will learn tomorrow if the feds will be called. >> thank you. if you ride the bus, listen up. steep service cuts. that agency limiting half its weekend routes as it struggles to balance the budget. heard from some outraged riders in oakland. >> reporter: tensions were high in this open meeting as the ac transit board directors got a look at proposed service cuts. more than $15 million of service cuts that they blame on the union. >> nobody wants to cut anybody's salary. but at the same time, nobody wants to cut service. one of those things is going to have to give. >> i think that the ac transit, i think they really kind of
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went too far. i thought they should have bought in with the union. so that's on them. >> reporter: serious impact and negotiations with the bus driver's union, they tried to save ac transit $15 million. but the union fought back in court and they won. now ac transit has got to cut $15 million from somewhere and the cuts are coming to service. rs >> oh, lord. that ain't right. >> and they shouldn't take that out on the people. they need to come to an agreement because without them, how is people going to get to they jobs? >> reporter: that's a question neither ac tran sit nor the union can answer. >> i think the service cuts are so deep that everybody will be impacted. all routes, all weekend service will be impacted in some way, shape, or form. >> i been here for 20 years, i never seen it this bad. >> reporter: the board will
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look at the proposed cuts and vote on september 22nd. if approved, they take effect in december. the only hope for preventing cuts is a money-saving compromise from the bus drivers who say they've compromised enough. it's a back and forth that leaves the riders paying the balance. >> let the ac transit customer agreement and let them know it's the people that needs on the bus. >> do whatever they got stood. if that happens, the economy will get worse. people not making it to jobs. >> reporter: the ac transit board has appealed to reverse their imposed contract. as they wait on that appeal, they continue with the arbitration. julie watts, cbs 5. senator barbara boxer and republican challenger carly fiorina faced off. a poll three weeks ago showed
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fiorina leading boxer. live where the two candidates took sharp jabs at each other tonight. >> reporter: indeed they did. job killer or job creator? military supporter or military disser? senate slacker or senate workhorse? those are some of the jabs thrown back and forth in this debate between senate barbara boxer and her republican challenger carly fiorina. >> we know that she shipped jobs overseas. thousands of them. >> she is for more taxes. she is for more spending. [ applause ] >> reporter: soon after, they are as separate as oil and water. topic number one whose policies would lead to more jobs. >> i'm in the united states senate. why? because i fight for people. because i fight for the dream.
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but of course, every time i run, i've got a tough fight on my hands and people are going to decide if they want to have me back. >> results count. in her 18 years in the senate, senator boxer has four bills with her name on them. four pieces of legislation. that is far below the record or even the average. and those four bills include naming a river in virginia, naming a courthouse, renaming a post office, and bringing some federal dollars back to the bay area after the earthquake. >> reporter: over and over again, boxer hammered fiorina for her tenure as ceo of hewlett-packard where she cut thousands of jobs and also received a multimillion dollar package after she got fired. >> the facts are there was a $21 million severance check. and it was taken after my opponent was fired. the stock went down more than 50%. so if she's calling for
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accountability with teachers, there ought to be accountability with ceos. >> when you lead a business whether it's a nine person business or 150,000 people, you sometimes have to make the agonizing choice to lose some jobs to save more. >> reporter: we interviewed a political analyst who called this a tie. if you were a boxer supporter you liked what you heard. same with fiorina. >> fiorina had commanded a certain array of facts. i think the sound bytes will go to barbara boxer. >> reporter: the candidates also differed on abortion. boxer pro-choice, fiorina pro- life. and boxer favors same-sex marriage. and fiorina supports
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traditional marriage. and afterwards they both spoke to reporters saying they wanted to have more of these debates again to let california voters know more about where they stand on these positions. >> that would be good for the voters. thank you. coming up: new rules that could delay kindergarten for thousands of kids. why some parents are saying they'll wind up paying the price. a big surprise for some bay area teachers. how one phone call made all their wishes come true. and no new iphone today. but there are present plenty of other nougat ets. the new unveiling at apple. across the bay area increase. by the time the sun sets, we're looking ahead at the holiday forecast. as eyewitness news continues forecast. as eyewitness news continues here on cbs ,,,,,,,, 3q
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she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision. we can fix california, no question about it. it's going to take a different style of leadership, it's going to take a different approach, but we can make california great again. ♪ kindergarten for thousands of kids in california. ay the move could tonight the governor is considering a bill that would delay kindergarten for kids in california. it could save the state millions of dollars. but some parents are saying they'll end up footing me bill. >> how old are you? >> five. >> reporter: if a bill passed will allow kids his age to join kindergarten. enter kindergarten from september to november is applauded by those at the head of the class. >> more often those who come.
1:55 am
are a bit younger, they get tired more easily. they're developing their fine motor skills still. >> reporter: a quarter of the state's kids start kindergarten before they're five. they argue cutting back could lower class sizes and save the state more than $700 million. some parents say that leaves them picking up the tab. >> it's like $820 a month for her. >> reporter: sarah's daughter will start kindergarten before the bill becomes a law. but she worries about other parents being squeezed. >> imagine for a family that's thinking my 4-year-old who has a late birthday, they are ready to go to kindergarten and then you find out you're going to do another year of $10,000 of daycare expenses. the one time kindergarten cop says he will not make a comment on the issue until he's had time to review it. cbs 5.
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the phrase ask and ye shall receive rings true tonight for a thousand teachers. is a website where teachers post classroom needs and individuals fund them. got a call this week from claire jeanini fund asking how much it would cost a wish for the teachers. the next day a check for $1.3 million arrived. apple fine tuning some of its best and worst selling products. steve jobs showed the revamp of the apple tv box. consumers no longer buy digital movies or tv shows, they rent them. also a big makeover. the ipod touch now has a camera on the front for video calls over apple's facetime program.
1:57 am
>> here's the top and of course you can do facetime. and not just with other ipod touches, but also between iphones and ipod touches. >> apple also introduced ping, a network for sharing information about music and following artists. it's going to be available to the 160 people who down load music on itunes. >> roberta gonzalez. >> i was just thinking i would not want people to see me when i'm talking with him. it's not always a good thing. this was a good thing tonight. after a high temperature of 84 degrees in the city of san fransisco today, a good 13 degrees above normal, people out and about. wow. tonight overnight temperaturewide in the 50s and 60s. it's very slow to cool tonight. what you can bank on tomorrow morning for your commute, wall to wall sunshine from the beaches to our inland areas with the numbers in the 50s and
1:58 am
60s. perhaps you were stuck indoors today. michael ambrosa got a look. >> san joaquin river. it's like glass this afternoon. >> yes. because there was barely a breeze there until the afternoon hours. due to a ridge of high pressure strengthening producing offshore flow. looks like we'll have another day like that tomorrow. but this is the tricky stuff right here. the bank of low clouds tagged with the coast. right now the bay is reporting a light stratus offshore. when will it be moving on? you've got to imagine there's a cooler air mass associated with it. along the immediate seashore i'm bringing down the temperatures a lit bit.
1:59 am
95 degrees downtown. check out brentwood the hot spot at 101. throughout most of the inland eastern portion of our district, 72 degrees. by the way feeling like dog days of summer? thanks, lee, for sending in this picture. keep them coming at marine layer returns knocking back the coastal temps. otherwise bonus. temperatures blow average by labor day. >> there go the dog days of summer. thanks. >> we'll be right back. we're going to talk about the bleachers. that's right. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes in the us each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair. rid-x costs only six dollars, and the new and advanced natural bacteria generate over twice as many enzymes which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month
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beautiful night to go out to at&t and catch a baseball game. if you're lucky you got a luxury seat. if not, you were in the bleachers with the rest of us. adair wants to know why are the called the bleachers in baseball anyway?
2:02 am
>> high drive. left field. out of here! >> you have bleacher bums. bleacher creatures. i'm not sure what we have here. >> but we've got bleachers way out beyond the outfield fence at at&t park. and for a fraction of a seat behind home, you can put your butt on a bench and watch a baseball game like they did 100 years ago. >> the term bleachers has been around since the late 1800s. back in the old ballparks, any seating area that was exposed and out to the elements mainly out in the outfield they were made with big wooden marks. >> mario says they started calling them bleachers for a reason. >> they already always made of wood and the wood bleaches in the sun therefore we have bleachers. >> virtually every ballpark has
2:03 am
the bleacher section. yet, the boards have given way to a new aluminum plank. >> it's a little more comfortable. there's nothing wrong with putting your drink on the floor. you don't need a cup holder. >> he says many fans prefer sitting out here. bleacher etiquette, this is not cool. >> and when you -- you get up and walk to your seat with food in your hands, you have to be real careful. >> send your questions to me at two 49ers stars had to be separated at practice today. two 49ers stars had to be separated at practice today. do you know the name darren ,,
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where engaged in a heated exchange during practice today. 49er receiver michael crabtree and vernon davis were engaged in a heated exchange at practice today. eventually singletary walked both to the lockerroom. >> veer man and crabtree, i will not talk about the issue. but i will talk about this. they were both wrong. and we will not have distractions on this team. vernon just forgot temporarily that that is not allowed. we don't do that. we don't treat family like that. we don't disrespect each other. and i just needed to remind him that there is no more elephants in the room.
2:07 am
the elephant was exposed. >> niners tomorrow with the chargers. cbs 5 7:00. the dodgers called up darren ford because he stole 37 bases in the minor leagues. classic pitching dual between lincecum and jimenez. struck out ten, gave up just four hits. and tied the game at 1. tim lincecum ended a career high five start nine strikeouts just one run. smoking. tied at 1 in the 8th, darren ford breaks the third. into the outfield. will ride through the park in the 2nd inning. scores. 2-1 giants. brian wilson on. pops it towards right. freddie sanchez makes the incredible catch to end the game. so lincecum wins so do the giants thanks to throbbing key who scored from second base. >> it felt great.
2:08 am
it was just like winning the world series. >> indeed it was. here's the update. padres fading fast but the giants three games back. phillies beat the dodgers earlier so the giants remain a game and a half behind in the wild card chase. teixeira says not so fast. 4-0a's. mariano rivera, gets suzuki to swing. yankees win 4-3. but doug wilson wheeling and dealing. san jose has signed the goalie that shut them out in the conference last season. niemi signed with the sharks. this just in, tennis. 2003 u.s. open champ andy roddick gone.
2:09 am
being shut out by tavarivic. flatten in brett hayes at home. tonight the nationals got the revenge. chris molstat throwed on the side of morgan. morgan come ts out swinging. side of morgan. morgan come ts out swinging. then clothesli

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